Getting Comfy in the Driver’s Seat

Getting Comfy in the Driver’s Seat

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Finding a comfortable and correct driving position is very important to helping you remain focused and being able to control your car in all situations. You should be seated with the steering wheel close enough so that when your arm is held straight it will touch the top of the steering wheel with your wrist. Hold the steering wheel at between 9 and 3 o'clock, with your arms comfortably bent. As we all have different length bodies, this can be a challenge to make sure our feet can easily operate the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals. The driver’s seat in many new cars not only can be adjusted back/forth, up/down and the back rest angled, they also adjust the seat angle, side and thigh bolsters, head rest and lumbar support. Add to this that steering wheels can be adjusted up and down and in and out and that in many cars the pedals can also be adjusted in and out.

With all this adjustment, a comfortable and commanding position can be found.

Once you’re comfortable with your seating position the mirrors need to fine tuned.

The side mirrors should be adjusted so that you can just see the edge of your car. As a guide, you should be able to just see the rear door handle in the inside bottom corner of both side mirrors.

Most cars now use convex mirrors that give a greater field of view on both driver’s and passenger’s sides. Whilst there are advantages to this, these mirrors also distort your depth perception.

The rear view mirror when adjusted correctly, will create an overlap between what you can see from your rear and side mirrors.

No matter how well your mirrors are adjusted, there will also be blind spots. Even with all the electronic features of blind spot monitoring, 360 view monitoring and lane departure/keeping systems etc, you’ll need to actually do a head check. A safe way to find your blind spots is to get someone to walk around the car.

Happy motoring and stay safe while driving. If you have any questions on car servicing or maintenance, find your local certified A Grade Automotive Network workshop here.


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