Holiday Driving Tips

Holiday Driving Tips

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The Long and Winding Road

A long drive over hundreds of kilometres can be very tiring. The roads may be long and straight or hilly and twisty. Both of these journeys can take a toll on the driver, especially if we don't often drive long distances. There are a few simple strategies to avoid fatigue and its deadly potential.

Plan the drive

As the excitement of the family holiday approaches, a little bit of planning is needed. Try to avoid driving at times that you would normally be asleep and definitely don’t start when you are already tired. Plan to leave when the roads are less busy. Know which route you will take and have an idea of what the roads and conditions may be like.

During the Drive

Don’t wait until you get tired, or this could be your last mistake. Take a break at least every two hours and change drivers if possible. Get out and stretch or move about.  Remember that driving a car for such a long period may not be something you’re used to and this can make you tired as well.

Be Patient

Getting stuck in traffic is never fun, least of all when on holidays. Be patient with the slow moving caravans, boats and buses. We all want to get to our destination alive so wait for the safest opportunities to pass and use the overtaking lanes. The lines painted on the roads are there for a reason.

Driving at Night

This can be very dangerous; fatigue, unfamiliar roads, wildlife and other road users doing the same as you. No matter how many or how bright your lights are, if you don’t know the road then slow down. Dawn can be very dangerous with many animals on the move.

Make Sure Your Car is Safe

Before you drive off, make sure the car is safe and roadworthy. Check the simple things like the lights, tyres and common fluids. Keep the windscreen clean.


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