Preventing you from overheating in your car

Preventing you from overheating in your car

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We all know that when the sun is shining and our car is parked in it, it will be hot inside.  Sometimes the car can be 25 – 30 degrees hotter than outside. Parking in the shade or undercover is not always an option, so how do you keep the car cool? Read on to find a few tips about keeping your cool this summer. 

Stopping the heat getting in

Window tinting, windscreen shades and those slide on window socks can all keep the sun out and lower the inside temperature of the car. Having a burning hot car seat or steering wheel is no fun. For many of us car security prevents leaving the window slightly down.


Getting the heat out

Before jumping into a hot car, wind the windows down, turn the A/C on and set the fan to the highest speed. This will clear the car of the hot and stuffy air within a short time. If you can stand driving an oven, keep the windows down and drive for a few minutes to help this. Remember that everything inside the car will be hot, including the ducting behind the dash that directs the air, and it needs to cool down as well. This heat soak can rob you of cool air. 

Keeping the heat out

Now that the car is cooler, slow the fan speed down so that the air passing over the A/C unit has more time to cool. Setting the air flow mode to recycle will also stop hot air being drawn into the cabin. Most newer cars with climate control will do this automatically depending on your programmed settings. 

If your A/C isn’t working, contact your nearest A Grade Automotive Network workshop

And most importantly….

Never leave anyone, young or old, locked in a car when it’s hot. Even leaving the window down is not safe. The same goes for your pets.


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