Why Windscreen Cracks Should Be Attended To Immediately

Why Windscreen Cracks Should Be Attended To Immediately

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It’s such a common occurrence even on paved roads. You’re driving along behind another vehicle, and a stone pings out from beneath their wheel and leaves a crack or chip in your windshield. While many people are tempted to leave them be if they’re not obstructing their view and not too deep, this is a dangerous decision for a number of reasons.

Motorists are advised that it’s always smarter to take care of cracks now instead of later. Not only will you get the peace of mind that comes from driving with an unobstructed windshield, you’ll potentially save money in multiple ways and know you’re behind the wheel of a safer vehicle. In this blog, we’ll count off the reasons why you need to take cracks seriously and deal with them quickly.

Saving you money

When it comes to clothes they say a stitch in time saves nine, and the same is true for windshield cracks. Sudden jolts from potholes or speed bumps can cause what was once a small chip or crack to widen into your field of view.

While small cracks and chips can be quickly and easily corrected thanks to modern technology, there are limits to what your windscreen repairer can do. Oversized or multi-layer cracks are often beyond the ability of windscreen repairers to correct, and the difference in price between a repair and replacement can be staggering. While many places can repair glass for around $100, often a replacement windscreen can cost anywhere between $250 and $1000, taking you from a small hit to your spending money to a significant cost.  

The safer choice

It may not seem like it, but that small crack can adversely affect your driving. Just like the cut in your mouth that you can’t stop poking at with your tongue, many drivers find even minute chips and cracks highly distracting. When travelling in poor conditions, in the dark or at high speeds, you need to be fully aware of every potential obstacle. A crack – even if it doesn’t obscure your field of vision – could pull your eyes away for a few crucial seconds.

Keeping you roadworthy

It’s not just common sense to keep your car’s windscreen free of deep and wide cracks – it’s the law. Your car could be classed as unroadworthy. Any vehicle failing this is liable to receive a defect notice, requiring that the problem be rectified within a certain period of time. Avoid the stress of having to get a roadworthy certificate and have the crack or chip fixed as soon as you can.

If you’re looking for someone who can quickly, effectively and affordably repair or replace your windshield, speak to the team at your nearest A Grade Automotive Network member business. 


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