The Facts: Servicing your car while under warranty

You Do have a choice when servicing your new car

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Car Need a Service?


Where can I go?

What can I do?

What rights do I have?

Can you get your car serviced by someone other than the business that sold the car without voiding the new car warranty?
The short answer is YES!
But there are some conditions that must be met:
New Vehicle Warranty
Where a problem arises with a vehicle that is covered under a new car warranty, the vehicle should be taken to the dealer for repair. If the repairs are covered by the new car warranty they should be performed free of charge.
New and used vehicle servicing.
Motor vehicle dealers are entitled to insist that any servicing performed on cars they sell is carried out:
✓ By qualified staff
✓ Using genuine or appropriate quality parts
✓ According to manufacturers’ specifications

Provided that these conditions are met, regardless of where you choose to get your car serviced, your warranty will remain intact.
✓ By qualified staff
Qualified staff is a party or parties, other than an ‘authorised dealer’, who is capable of performing car servicing.
✓ Using genuine or appropriate quality parts
It’s not who manufactured the parts, but whether they are fit or appropriate for the intended purpose. If a part is interchangeable with the genuine part, it could be seen as being fit or appropriate for the purpose and therefore would not void the manufacturer’s warranty.
Should the part/s installed fail or not perform satisfactorily, the consumer then has rights against the fitter and/or manufacturer of those replacement parts.
If a non-genuine part fails, the dealer and the vehicle manufacturer will not be liable for damage caused by that failure.
✓ According to manufacturers’ specifications
If any repairer implies that it can perform general car servicing to manufacturers’ specifications but does not perform that function satisfactorily, the consumer has rights and remedies against the repairer regardless if the repairer has factory qualifications or not.


Express (Voluntary, Extended) Warranties vs Implied (Statutory) Warranties

Express warranties are usually specified under the agreement with the dealer and may state a time period, maximum liability and limitations. Express warranties operate in addition to statutory warranties and cannot restrict the provisions of the statutory warranty.
Certain conditions can be placed on express warranties.
For example: ‘an express warranty may be void if fitted
with non genuine parts’.
However, the statutory warranty will continue to apply unless the service by the repairer or the fitting of a non-authorised part causes a fault.


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